If words are coal, then poems are diamonds. The power is in the compression.

I don’t profess to be a poet, but I do love to mess around with words to compress meaning. In a story and a novel you have to have a narrative thread; a poem allows you to examine just a feeling, or a moment. If I can arrange the words well enough, all you have to do is touch the spring to release a thought or an image or a situation, straight out of my head into yours.

The House: Sometimes perspective is about remembering who you dreamed you were going to be. http://wp.me/p31Exs-2L

Girls Like Me: This one’s just for fun. I’ve never been in this situation, but I hear it’s commonplace. There’s a world of trouble in that word ‘girl’. http://wp.me/p31Exs-28

Fellowship of Fire: Written for my Firedance Books friends on the eve of our first publication. http://wp.me/P31Exs-I

The Perfectionist: A reflection on the icy isolation of always being the smartest guy in the room (not a personal affliction). http://wp.me/p31Exs-4C


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