The Walker’s Daughter


TWD Cover 2nd edition

The second edition of my novel, The Walker’s Daughter, is out now!

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a friend (I’ve never yet met a stranger). And if you’re a friend, I’m not ashamed to ask for your help. If you like my writing, please buy a Kindle copy of The Walker’s Daughter and help me get some visibility! UK: US:

I’ll buy you a drink next time we meet.

What’s changed in the new edition? Firedance Books has added a new cover; we’ve sharpened the focus of the story in a few places; and we’ve added a Questions for Book Clubs section.

I’m immensely proud of what my little family of spirit-walkers has achieved since the book first appeared two years ago, and I have high hopes for them in the future. Fly, Cora, fly!

To buy a copy, click here: UK: US:


An enchanting blend of literary fantasy and contemporary women’s fiction, The Walker’s Daughter is a poetic and poignant story about becoming truly oneself.

Spirit walker Cora Bloux is hiding out in her own body. Growing up with her sister Magda and mother Laura her life was poor in material terms but rich in secrets and adventure. For they were spirit-walkers, able to slip the confines of their physical bodies at will. In the entrancing, visionary but very, very real world of metaphysical magic, Cora lived more fully without her body than she ever did within it.

Then charismatic, silver-haired Magnus entered their lives, and everything changed. For Magnus, too, was a spirit-walker—and a body-swapper, an adrenaline junkie, and more besides. Their lives spiraled out of control and, just before she died, Cora’s mother split up her girls and sent them to safety in separate countries with a stark warning: Terrible things will happen to you if you ever walk again. Never, ever walk again.

Twenty years later Cora is still haunted by the memory of her mother’s lover and murderer—flash of silver, silver and black. She stays resolutely planted inside her body, denying her own self in an attempt to appear normal. But when her eight-year-old daughter, Grace, is involved in a hit-and-run, Cora is forced, just once, to spirit walk again.

Once is all it takes to shatter the fragile protection Cora has built around her little family. For the spirit world has been waiting for her.

Soon Cora’s sister re-emerges from the shadows, and strange new friends flood into Cora’s life, inexorably pulling her back into the orbit of the extraordinarily powerful Magnus. Even as Cora’s true self is re-awakened, so too is a world suddenly full of myths and legends, of enchantment and terror, and of newly offered trusts and terrible betrayals.

Can she believe the relationships offered by her estranged sister, or the enigmatic musician Charlie Tam and his rock-band friends? As the pressure mounts Cora realises that her enemies can get to her any time, any place and in any body. Because bodies can’t just be swapped; they can be stolen. The race is on for Cora to work out who to trust, who to fear—and who she really is.

To see the world as it really is, sometimes you have to close your eyes and … walk.

The Walker’s Daughter is an unusually thoughtful and engaging paranormal with elements of suspense, delivering a character-rich, compelling story about a woman outgrowing her childhood beliefs and becoming the adult she is supposed to be. Like all the best urban fantasy, it combines the contemporary realities of city life and all-too-human truths with magical realism and long-forgotten legends. It reinvigorates Biblical myths of walkers, watchers, nephilim and the metaphysical division of body and ‘Self’, and explores contemporary relationships in the light of ageless concepts such as love, family and forgiveness.

Author and columnist Lisa Lieberman calls this literary fantasy “Enthralling!” and says: “Elements of fantasy existing alongside everyday reality, a riveting plot, evil rooted in all-too-human weakness. And writing that takes flight into pure poetry.”

Fantasy review site Fanboys Anonymous says: “Religion and urban fantasy mesh together in harmony. Janet Allison Brown is a fine author. She has fabricated an authentic new idea and given it to her soul to pen. Read up; you won’t regret it.”

The Walker’s Daughter is published by Firedance Books. Find it, and read the opening pages, here:


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