The Perfectionist

I’m the bow of a speedboat
Cutting through the dense deep green
So politely, so clean
That the water never dreams
It’s been riven and  dismissed.

Nothing clings; my smooth sides repel attachments
For their own sake.
Nothing slips in the way of my merciless elegance.
I abandon my own wake.

I am steel in the fire
Drawing the energy into my heart
Taking on the power and might and light
Without commitment,
Unaffected, not diminished one whit.
When the fire dies I am no less myself,
Nothing to do with it.

I am glass in the rain,
Unwet although soaked,
Blinding the world with its own smeared reflection.
I am pain
That sends you scurrying to your comfort zone,
Taking cover in your own imperfection.

I am effortless ease
(And bleeding knees beneath the hem).

I’m the diamond in the ring,
The glittering symbol of love
That cannot love
Any (because imperfect) thing.

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