The Benefits of Merciless Respect

Vulpes Libris

imageJanet Allison Brown

A few years ago, when my husband was travelling and the kids were becoming self-sufficient, I finally finished a novel I was proud of: The Walker’s Daughter, about spirit walking and body-snatching and a rock band and falling in love. Full of hope and optimism, I began the business of finding an agent.

Not far into my search, I came across an agent’s site which offered a beguiling proposition: join our writer’s club, throw your book into the pool, and participate in a mutual crit-fest (aka piranha feeding frenzy). The agent will be watching and, on an ongoing basis, he will fish out the best of you.

In fact, to my knowledge no one was ever fished out of the pool, but it mattered not: the mutual critting and the generous sharing of tips, advice, energy and information were worth their weight in gold. I immediately…

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