What we see

I remember you.
But you remember me?

At school you were cool.
Never mind the good looks,
You had hooks into everything going:
Running. Throwing.
Pitch, catch, kick,
Bat, racket, stick.
Kind, too. And clever.
We were always in a group together
But did we ever exchange two private words,
Boy to girl,
In that endless, sunny in-between
When we were teens?

The day I kissed ice—
Literally, kissed an icicle
I found, broken and hurt
On the ground, in the dirt—
On that day I saw what hums behind
The glowing mind of reality.
And earnestly believed I’d never be
Normal again.
I was ten.

I became all thought.
And you were all sport.

Yeah, I remember you:
Speed and muscle and sweat,
Style and smile…
Like I’d forget.
But why would you remember me,
Who only existed corporeally
In order to get from A to B?


But this is what happened:
We grew up, you moved away,
I stayed.
Both adventured in our different ways.
And then I wrote a story, a book.
You took a look, a glance
Became entranced.
You read straight into my head
And this is what you said:
Ah, there you are.
Here on the page is the you that I knew
Back in the days when you were a star
And I was cool,
At school.

So this is what I didn’t see
(Me, with my visions and clarity!):
That you, with your physicality,
Saw, and remember, me.

2 thoughts on “What we see

  1. Brilliant blog and poetry. Looking forward to finding out more about your writing and writing process at the Exeter Book Club meeting next week 🙂

    • Hi Holly–How lovely of you to ‘visit’ online! Thanks for your lovely comment. I’m really looking forward to the Exeter Book Club, too, and very excited to meet you all. See you there!–Janet

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